My name is Damiano Aresu and I am an agronomist. I founded Aquasabida according to my idea of genuine agriculture, a practice that must take place in full respect of the environment, territory, and people.

The company is named after the area where it is located, in the countryside of the Municipality of Pimentel, in the province of Southern Sardinia. The spelling we have used is in honor of the many Roman settlements that insist on this area, together with the numerous Nuragic sites. In fact, the land of our crops is surrounded by the famous Domus De Janas.
The cultivation of hemp started almost for fun. Initially, I just meant to use it as an improvement for the soil.

However, after the first harvest, in 2016, the advantages for the soil were so evident that I started distilling the inflorescences for the production of raw materials such as hydrolate and essential oil.

We make three cosmetic products, hydrolate, a massage oil, and a face serum.
The cultivation takes place without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic soil improvement and crop rotation is all it takes to get sustainability and healthy environment.

My wife Caterina helps me in all stages of production and sales.
We try to do agriculture as our ancestors did. As a result, we combine old school techniques with innovative ones learned on our training journey. This is how we make new products, more natural, more sustainable, and at the same time useful and healthy for the consumer.